P-PTS certification course">P-PTS certification course

Periodization Personal Training Specialist

Thank you for your interest in this Tudor Bompa Institute Certification (TBI).

This course is suitable for coaches, physiotherapists, sport science students and personal trainers who wish to set themselves apart by enhancing their knowledge and skill. As a P-PTS you will exhibit expertise in short-term and long-term fitness planning enabling you to clearly define a structured plan of action to achieve the specific goals of any client, athlete or team.

Since the TBI certification courses are so unique to the fitness industry here in Australia, we work with each person on an individual or small group basis. You may complete this course through home study and if at anytime you need help you may contact us.

Prerequisites: It is not compulsory to have a formal education in sports science, exercise physiology. However you should know basics of training, the terms used, how a muscle works, major muscles of the body, energy systems and basic exercises such as squats, deadlift, row, core etc. Most importantly you must have a desire to learn and be willing to read and study the material you will receive.


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