Thank you for your interest in this Tudor Bompa Institute Certification (TBI).

This course is suitable for coaches, physiotherapists, sport science students and personal trainers who wish to set themselves apart by enhancing their knowledge and skill. As a P-PTS you will exhibit expertise in short-term and long-term fitness planning enabling you to clearly define a structured plan of action to achieve the specific goals of any client, athlete or team.

Since the TBI certification courses are so unique to the fitness industry here in Australia, we work with each person on an individual or small group basis. You may complete this course through home study and if at anytime you need help you may contact us.

Prerequisites: It is not compulsory to have a formal education in sports science, exercise physiology. However you should know basics of training, the terms used, how a muscle works, major muscles of the body, energy systems and basic exercises such as squats, deadlift, row, core etc. Most importantly you must have a desire to learn and be willing to read and study the material you will receive.

Dr. Bompa’s primary goal in teaching his methods is not memorization, but application. Therefore, all testing is done from home on an open book basis at your own pace.
This course is about teaching you to design advanced training programs for your athletes/clients.
Required Texts:
‘Periodization Training for Sports 2nd+ Edition’ by Dr. Tudor Bompa.
(This you purchase separately as it is not included in the total course fee).
Recommended Texts:
‘Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training’ by Dr. Tudor Bompa
Testing Information
To successfully obtain the P-PTS certification, you must achieve 70% or more on all testing components. Estimated study/research time with assessment/exam completion is 50 hours. The maximum time allowed to complete this course/exam is 6 months.

The Home Assessment/Exam consists of five sections encompassing the following:

  1. Applied muscle physiology – Multiple Choice
  2. Variables of training – True or False
  3. Exercise selection – Short answers
  4. Program design – Short answers
  5. Annual plan design – Periodization models

Your total investment cost for the P-PTS certification course is $250 with the option of paying a deposit of $125 and the remaining at a later date before your certification is awarded.

This includes all one to one tutorial, P-PTS course manual, exam marking, and the certificate signed by Dr Tudor Bompa, which you will receive upon successful completion of the exam/course and total payment. Once you have signed up for the course, the content and exam will be emailed to you.

No refund will be made once the course content has been sent to you however the 6 month exam/time allowance may be extended under special circumstances.

Grievance/Appeals Procedure

All grievances/appeals will be treated with confidentiality and will not be detrimental to the student initiating the complaint. For any grievance or complaint, e-mail the TBI Director. You may also request a failed assessment/exam result to be reviewed within five working days of receipt of the result. Requests for review must be made in writing to

Dr Tudor Bompa is regarded worldwide as the leading specialist in the areas of training, coaching and fitness theory, to which he has contributed several new concepts and revolutionized training in most countries of the world.

He has published 21 books that have been translated into 18 languages. These books are used as textbooks in universities, coaching institutions, certification programs and continuing education courses in more than 150 countries. He has also published over a hundred research papers while at the same time making presentations in over 35 countries on topics such as training theory, planning-periodization, training methods, strength and power training, specifics of training for team sports and more.

As a prolific coach, in only eight years of international coaching, his athletes have won 11 medals (four gold) Olympic Games and World Championships. Being the only coach who has produced Olympic and World champions in two different sports – track and field and rowing. He has compiled training programs for numerous coaches, professional teams and guided individual athletes to the highest athletic achievements possible.

As the world’s leading expert and in recognition of his contributions to the body of knowledge in training, fitness, and coaches’ education, Dr. Bompa has received 22 honors and awards, 19 of them internationally.



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