Over 15 Years Of Health & Fitness Coaching Dedicated To Improving Your Look & Performance! Offering Personal Training, Education – Periodization Course 15 Cec’s, Trigger Point Massage Therapy, MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, Pilates, Rehabilitation, Film Industry Fitness Training, Strength & Conditioning, …

Cor Institute is a progressive Australian company sitting at the forefront of holistic health management, sport conditioning and exercise science. We are dedicated to the natural pursuit of higher performance, consciousness and life. As individuals we need a way of living that vitalizes body and mind in a way that feels natural and authentic.

Using a combination of time tested methods we implement exercise and rehabilitation techniques to improve core, trunk, pelvic and shoulder stability allowing the whole body to function efficiently, thus protecting from injury and improving posture. It’s also a fun way to achieve positive results such as: Fat loss, Enhance muscle tone, Rebuild strength, improve cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.

Working together with your Doctor and Therapist our aim is to get you back into life and sport the smart way. There is a saying in strength & conditioning circles that paraphrased goes something like:- “anyone can smash a client, but not everyone can write a program that improves performance”.

To ensure quality control of exercise technique we work with you one to one or in a small group. Each individual has specific needs especially if you are overcoming an injury or new to this type of recovery strength training.

We guide you to create more balance and function within your body which leads to better overall performance.

Personal Training & Group Fitness

Fat Loss
Muscle Gain
Corrective Exercise / Rehabilitation
Strength & Conditioning
Sport Specific Conditioning i.e. Surf Training
Mixed Martial Arts / Jiu Jitsu / Muay Thai Kick Boxing
Film Industry Fitness
CrossFit Gymnastics


Fitness Education Courses (15 CEC’s)
Periodization Personal Training Specialist P-PTS (Dr Tudor Bompa)
Periodization Strength and Conditioning Expert P-SCE (Dr Tudor Bompa) (15 CEC’s)


COR Therapy
Osteopathy (Treatment for Back/Neck, Sport Injuries, Joint /Muscle Pain)
Trigger Point Therapy
Remedial & Sports Massage

Looking forward to helping you and your business succeed with more purpose in life