P-SCE 15CEC certification course">P-SCE 15CEC certification course

Thank you for your interest in this Tudor Bompa Institute Certification (TBI).

The Periodization Strength and Conditioning Expert (P-SCE) certification is the most comprehensive and practical program in the area of strength training for sports. Whether you are a personal trainer desiring involvement in the strength and conditioning field, or a coach involved in a specific sport or variety of sports, this course will diversify and improve your training and conditioning skills. Memorization takes a step back to integration as you are challenged to apply scientific principles in a practical and methodological manner. This course is about teaching you to design advanced training programs for your athletes/clients. As a P-SCE you will learn how to:

  1. Formulate and plan training to meet the natural adaptation continuum of the human neuromuscular system.
  2. Effectively plan in accordance with the competition schedule.
  3. Train the dominant abilities (i.e. maximum speed, power or muscular endurance) required to achieve peak performance for each sport.
  4. Manipulate the training variables to create the specific physiological adaptation needed for athletes to reach peak performance.
  5. Plan a specific plyometric training program with varied exercises and intensity levels.

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